Fall-Bucket-List in the Texas Hill Country

Fall season in the Texas Hill Country is a beautiful time of year. I encourage you and your family to take a hill country drive. Carve out some time to get outdoors. The cooler temperatures are such a treat after making it through the hot August month. I pulled together some of our favorite fall activities. Everyone in the family will get something out of these.

1. Visit Lost Maples State Park to see the leaves changing.

It is quite a site to see if you catch the colors at the right time. Lost Maples protects a special strand of Uvalde bigtooth maples. The show varies, depending on weather conditions. Also, take a hike, go fishing, campout, stargaze… it’s fun no matter what you decide.

2. Catch a sunset at the Empty Cross.

This is the highest, public hilltop in Kerrville that I know of. We usually can catch the sun going down after dinner. Watch for your turn. Turn onto Benson Drive which runs parallel to I-10. I always turn too soon and end up on I-10 and have to circle back around.

3. Harvest Pumpkins at Bridget’s Basket in Hunt, TX.

Bridget’s Basket offers a beautiful atmosphere with in/door sitting at the restaurant. Event date TBD but they will be offering a real pumpkin patch. Check back for more details.

4. Watch Bats fly out of Old Tunnel Road

At Old Tunnel Road near Alamo Springs Cafe, you can see 3 million bats fly out just before dark. It is incredible and hard to forget. If you have kids, they will love this.

Just Because It’s My Birthday!

Because May is my Birthday month, I would like to introduce myself and share a little more. My name is Jaylynn Perkins. I am a wife and a mother. I manage a mini circus that includes an active little boy, a weenie dog, a sweet mutt, two chickens and a tortoise. I enjoy working on my current home with my husband. I am a firm believer in simple, property enhancements to bring the home to the next level but still not break the bank. I consider finishing the new home build on 522 San Juan in Kerrville my biggest challenge. I am so grateful for the many opportunities that have came up since the construction has been completed.

Beautiful Oak Trees along the Guadalupe River

I am a licensed real estate agent in Texas. I have been with Realty Executives since I started six years ago. As a Realtor®, I help clients turn a page, close a chapter, open a new door… really all of the above. I guide individuals through the process of buying or selling real estate. I consider myself deliberate, detailed and consistent. I love what I do and have completely fallen in love with Texas Hill Country in the process. Because I have been so blessed by this community, I would like to give back, spearhead reconnection and just simply spread some joy…

I consider myself deliberate, detailed and consistent. I love what I do and have completely fallen in love with the Texas Hill Country in the process.

Announcing a Birthday Giveaway Just Because!

I have been tremendously blessed in my real estate career and… Well, I’m just feeling generous. So, to celebrate my Birthday, I am giving away 2 tickets to Music on the Banks of the Guadalupe ~ Gary P. Nunn. He will be playing at Southern Sky Music Cafe in Ingram, TX on May 29, 3pm. How exciting is that?! Several other performers are in the line-up. I will be adding a gift basket with lots of local treats. See give away instructions below.

Here’s how to enter the giveaway. Entries will start on May 23 and end on my birthday, May 25 at midnight.

On Instagram,

  1. Follow me on @BuyKerrvillehomes
  2. Tag 2 friends in the comments of the giveaway post.
  3. In the comments, tell me your favorite thing about Kerrville or the surrounding area.
  4. ***Bonus +5 extra entries if you share it to your stories.

Winner will be announced on Wednesday, May 26. I’m so excited!

*Per Instagram rules, this promotion is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use.

Proposed HOA Reform Bills In Texas

Homeowners associations (HOAs) are formed to improve neighborhoods and increase property values, but sometimes their actions conflict with owners’ interests. New legislation seeks to limit their powers and protect owners and tenants. The proposals are articulated in Texas Senate Bill 1588 and House Bill 3367

Regulating Charges 

The bills require HOAs only to charge property owners resale certificate fees when it is necessary and make sure the fee is reasonable. The fee should not exceed $250 for creating the certificate and $30 for an update of the certificate. 

Access to Information 

The bills require HOAs to create a statewide database that provides information about their latest decisions, provisions, and amendments and avail it on a publicly accessible website. Every association is obligated to maintain a website and other internet platforms. The website should provide details about its name, mailing address, and the contacts of its managers or designated representative. 

Prior Notification 

The HOA Bill Reform requires associations to provide property owners with a written notice before suspending their rights to use common areas, filing suits, levying fines or reporting them to a credit reporting agency. Further, HOAs cannot report owners to credit reporting agencies for delinquent fees, fines, or assessments if the property owner has a pending dispute related to the charges. Before making a negative credit report, the HOA must send the property owner a detailed account of all the delinquent charges and give them an opportunity to enter into a payment plan. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In case of a dispute, the property owner is entitled to an appeal before the board and must get notification from the board prior to the hearing. The association must provide the owner with all the evidence prior to the hearing. During the hearing, the owner is entitled to challenge the evidence and raise pertinent issues relevant to the case. 

Tenant Protection 

Associations cannot make provisions that give them the power to approve rental applications or leases. Further, they cannot demand information related to an applicant or a tenant’s consumer or credit report. 

As a Texas resident, I am convinced that a well run HOA will sustain property values. HOA reform is an on-going issue and one that will continue to evaluation. The Texas Senate Bill 1588 and House Bill 3367 will be reviewed again in September 2021. Please contact me for questions about HOAs or click here for local deed restrictions

Beautiful Hill Country Sunset

Thinking of relocating to Kerrville?

Moving to Kerrville? If you are thinking of relocating, Kerrville is a beautiful town. It is a great place to raise a family, transition into retirement or transfer a business. I moved back in 2008 and I have witnessed the steady growth. It is a lively little town but offers the slower pace.

Guadalupe River
Guadalupe River

This beautiful hill country has so much to offer. The Guadalupe River is available for all your water sports like kayaking, fishing and swimming. Hill country sunsets are available at every corner of the county. A new Junior High is near completion. The local tennis court and pool went under new renovations.

Splash pad at Louis Hays Park
Splash pad at Louis Hays Park

In 2012, the first segment of the river trail was complete. Extensions now stretch to Schreiner University and on past Dietert Center, a total of 5.4 miles. The city really did a great job executing the master plan for the river trail. More plans for maximizing the river amenities are in the works. Other facilities include Peterson Regional Medical Center, Hill Country Youth Event Center, Kerrville – Kerr County Airport, Callioux Theater, Acradia Live, The Point theater, Museum of Western Arts and so much more.

Jake Asbury playing live
Jake Ashbury playing live at Joanne’s
Bridget's Basket in Hunt, TX
Bridget’s Basket in Hunt, TX

I am so proud of this community and I am so blessed to see it flourish. Please contact me if you have questions about Kerrville or the surrounding areas. I am always available to help you track down a local coffee shop, lunch spot or the right people that can make whatever happen fast.

Jaylynn Perkins – 830-928-5766

Photographer credits go to local photographer Cassie Wilson.

Home Staging Tips for Real Estate

Why is Home Staging so Important

There are so many preparations that go into putting your house on the market. The most important one is home staging. The effort you put into staging your home will have a big impact on the process from start to finish. Having a property in tip-top shape will tremendously affect negotiations, the sales price, and the closing timeline. The more organized you and your family are the better. So let’s go over some Home Staging tips.

  1. Curb Appeal – I am all about curb appeal. Home owners can do so many small changes to the exterior of a home. All the small tweaks can really add up to a big impact. Some examples are painting the front door with a color that pops, updating shutters, fresh paint on exterior trim, and/or power washing the driveway.
  2. Turn on every light. -Switch on all lights throughout the house. Change out bulbs. Before showings, turn on all accent lighting like lamps, cabinetry lighting, up lights, etc. Open the blinds not only to let in the light but to show off the view.
  3. Clear off Countertops. – You want a blank canvas so buyers picture themselves living in the space. Remove most everything from the countertops. Put away all the small appliances like your mixer, coffee maker, or crock pot. Tuck away the beauty supplies and tooth brush. Staging the kitchen with fresh hand towels or a flower arrangement will help with selling the home.
  4. Declutter & Organize – Clear out drawers and closets. When I work with a seller, I usually recommend packing up 2/3 of the house. Having the nooks and crannies organized gives a strong impression.
  5. Clean Windows – Scrub the windows inside and outside. Hiring a professional can help tackle this chore. The positive impression clean windows make is so worth it.
  6. Touch Up paint – Paint goes a long way. It makes every room shine. Address scuffed trim, peeling paint and high traffic walls.
  7. Yard Work- Yard clean up is another task you may want to hire out. Cut the grass, de-weed, and add a fresh layer of mulch to flower beds. Cut back branches so the house is visible from the street.

Selling a home is hard work but it is worth it in the end. In the comments, tell me some more suggestions you have for home staging.

Has Covid-19 changed your office space?

What does your office look like compared to pre-pandemic? Have you started working from home primarily versus going into your office? If you’re anything like me, this past year has presented lots of new challenges to my “at work” status. One thing that has become very clear is that I am not nearly as organized as I thought I was.  I was so sure I was organized, but carting my laptop everywhere I went to get my job done made me realize that this system was not very effective for me. In fact, I really needed to reevaluate how I was going to work and where I would be able to actually accomplish my work related goals.

What does your current home office look like? Are you able to work anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection and great coffee? Or, are you like me and require a designated area for all things work?

So, I needed to create an office workspace in my home. This mobile work situation wasn’t going to suffice anymore and thus, I ordered a little desk and chair.  Like many of you, this pandemic brought out the “do-it-yourselfer” in me and I got started creating an office space in the master bedroom. Unfortunately, I didn’t think through how much space I would need (you remember I said I wasn’t as organized as I thought I was) and I quickly outgrew the little nook I had created in my room.  I’m going to need more space so look out guest room, I’m coming for you next.

If you’re needing more space to work, or just dreaming of a quiet office space in your home, you must check out 226 Northwest Hills Drive in Kerrville, TX. The Hill Country Charmer (pictured above) includes a perfect office nook just off the master bedroom. The space is tucked away from the main living areas and ready for all your work projects. It has plenty of storage with floor to ceiling built-ins and just by stepping into this space I feel more productive. Can you picture yourself, right there, with your coffee in hand as you tackle your to-do list? I can. 

Please contact me if you would like a closer look at the lovely, office nook located at 226 Northwest Hills Drive.

Jaylynn Perkins, REALTOR®, TRLP