Preparing a home before you list

Preparing a property before you put it on the market, can be overwhelming. I suggest trying your best to stay on top of projects so that when the day comes that you need to move quickly, you are ready. The list I have compiled is a simple practical approach to preparing your home to be put on the market.

  • Clear Out – closets, cabinets and drawers. – Have a pile for donating and throwing out. Clear off the counters. 
  • Paint – touch up paint, freshen up a front door with a fresh coat
  • Tie up loose ends on projects – Like that trim you’ve been meaning to get to for the last 3 years, complete it.
  • Patch holes in the wall.
  • Replace bulbs – replace all burned out bulbs and make sure all bulbs match.
  • Fresh caulking around sinks and showers. Caulking seams can really clean up an area.
  • Clean high traffic areas -Use a Mr. Clean eraser on all high traffic trim, doors, door knobs and lights switches…any areas where hands regularly touch.
  • Power wash sidewalk, driveway, and the house.
  • Wash windows inside/out. I know this is a big chore but it really helps bring in the natural light. It brings a drab space back to life.
  • Trim trees & shrubs. If a tree is covering the house from the road, be sure to canopy up the tree by cutting back those low limbs. Same goes for shrubs up against the house. Trim those back.
  • Mulch beds – Reviving flower beds with mulch makes a huge difference in curb appeal.

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