Fall-Bucket-List in the Texas Hill Country

Fall season in the Texas Hill Country is a beautiful time of year. I encourage you and your family to take a hill country drive. Carve out some time to get outdoors. The cooler temperatures are such a treat after making it through the hot August month. I pulled together some of our favorite fall activities. Everyone in the family will get something out of these.

1. Visit Lost Maples State Park to see the leaves changing.

It is quite a site to see if you catch the colors at the right time. Lost Maples protects a special strand of Uvalde bigtooth maples. The show varies, depending on weather conditions. Also, take a hike, go fishing, campout, stargaze… it’s fun no matter what you decide.

2. Catch a sunset at the Empty Cross.

This is the highest, public hilltop in Kerrville that I know of. We usually can catch the sun going down after dinner. Watch for your turn. Turn onto Benson Drive which runs parallel to I-10. I always turn too soon and end up on I-10 and have to circle back around.

3. Harvest Pumpkins at Bridget’s Basket in Hunt, TX.

Bridget’s Basket offers a beautiful atmosphere with in/door sitting at the restaurant. Event date TBD but they will be offering a real pumpkin patch. Check back for more details.

4. Watch Bats fly out of Old Tunnel Road

At Old Tunnel Road near Alamo Springs Cafe, you can see 3 million bats fly out just before dark. It is incredible and hard to forget. If you have kids, they will love this.

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